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This is a different league. Bikers Café
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Bikers Cafe Chopper


This is a different league. Bikers Café – the name has bike engraved all over. When they approached us for this bike for their Kolkatta outlet, they asked for a design, no one would have ever seen. A chopper would be an obvious style, but how to make this chopper stand out? This was a challenge. It should not be related to any bike, the crowd should have a visual treat. That's where we thought may be we can have a rich mixture of colors. Mr Sanjay Yadav – the man behind the café wanted it to be a white and golden mix. Slowly then we started putting ideas.

First came the rims, we are proud of the detail we did with set of cross-spoked wheel. The effort we put in wheels gave us rest of the ideas to caricature tank, fenders, handle, tool box and headlights. The end result, the stupendous Bikers Café, an art form like never seen.

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