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As all of you ( I am sure 95% of you), I was also glued to Kishore Kumar's interviews on youtube. I was just mesmerized the way he had turned tables with his voice. Again, I am sure all you would. But then why should I watch it so many times? There is a point there. I used watch it initially in a flow. May be some 10th time or so I learnt the word "originality". This singer of all times flourised when he experimented with his original voice. Inspired from the lines and essence I thought how can I design something on a Royal Enfield that would be original. Yes I know there are lot of crowd who would say..."oh boy you had made the same 15" 140 number rear, the fat tank..bla bla." and yes I agree. But I designed it in a way like, had the torquise blue not launched and somebody would have asked...here's a different looking blue - whatever shade you call it, and here's the bike...now do it for a common man..... Then this is the one we sculpted. Mind you.. this is tamed by 27 horses stabled in a 500 cc mill. Hope you will pour your critical comments...cheers bro-bikers and brolets.

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