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If you believe these pictures a thumper is born out of pure passion. A Royal Enfield Electra 5s is re-styled by Puranam Designs as a single rider cruiser. Its our first bike and we have not compromised on any department be it paint, workmanship, parts and design. And we proudly say that yes its a show stopper. Every curve just waltz with the slighest ray of light. By the way if you thought it will be sheer amazement in traffic to get that envious look in daylight, then my friends, the focus leds installed under the gas tank and the unique double danger lamp and stop light and the signature pilot lamps- again in powerful leds makes even a small ride in any dark crowed place a possesive surprise. So dear bike enthusiasts, if unique is your style statement, then Puranam Designs has an anwser for you. Please call us, e-mail us or even leave a scrap and we will deliver your fantasy - a poetry in motion.

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