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"Do some magic guys"...these were the lines, RJ Nitin spoke when we first met him. Let me tell you, Khurafati Nitin is a die-hard fan of his bike. He is sentimentally attached with his machine. And we respect that. He wanted his bike in black...black and black. And his dream machine was V rod from the Harley stable. Our RJ gave us all the independence to be creative with something on "Black-V Rod-bullet" When we started shaping we were wondering how will it transform. Now that its over we feel overall cues being taken, yet the machine seems different. The day when we delivered the bike Nitin spontaneously expressed.."what have you done to my bike guys?........" And we were like fused....heck "he didn't like it"...Its only when he took a long gaze and said with a pause....."its.....its...awesome..."...aaahhh...sigh of relief...

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